8 Best WordPress Hosting in 2022

8 Best WordPress Hosting in 2022

Choosing the right hosting is the first baby step to your successful online career. In the past 2 years, Gurujistudy has helped numerous individuals and businesses like yours to pick the right hosting for their WordPress blog/website. 8 Best WordPress Hosting in 2022 Top WordPress Hosting Comparison

Best WordPress Hosting in 2022 (Top 8 WordPress Hosting Comparison)
Top 8 WordPress Hosting Comparison

The updated list of best hosting for WordPress in 2022:

  1. Bluehost Hosting(Value for money)
  2. WPX Hosting
  3. A2 Hosting
  4. SiteGround Hosting
  5. InMotion Hosting
  6. Kinsta (For high traffic site with free daily backup, Free SSL & WordPress updates)
  7. WP Engine Hosting
  8. HostGator Hosting
Hosting Yearly cost (After discount) Money Back Traffic (Monthly) Storage Support Quality
SiteGround $71.40 30 days ~ 25,000 Visits 20 GB 5/5
Bluehost $71.40 30 days Unmetered Unmetered* 4/5
InMotion $83.88 30 days 20,000 Visits 40 GB 4/5
Kinsta (Managed) $360 30 days 20,000 Visits 5 GB 5/5
WP Engine (Managed) $350 60 days ~ 25,000 Visits 10 GB 5/5

In the following post, I will be able to assist you to pick the simplest WordPress hosting for your WordPress blog.
In the past ten years of managing WordPress sites, I even have used quite twelve WordPress hosting companies.
I enjoy learning about web-hosting technology and rather than hosting all my sites on one server, I exploit different hosts in order that I could recommend to our readers the latest within the WordPress Webhosting industry.

Best WordPress Hostings

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I have had absolutely bad experiences with GoDaddy WordPress hosting, and I have had some great experiences with budget-shared hosting companies like Bluehost and SiteGround.

As a beginner, selecting the proper hosting service isn’t only crucial but also a headache!
Since my area of experience is WordPress, I even have compiled the simplest WordPress hosting companies you’ll choose betweencounting on your budget. (8 Best WordPress Hosting in 2022 Top WordPress Hosting Comparison)
For a replacement WordPress blog (traffic but 15,000/Day), a shared hosting like SiteGround or Bluehost is that the best.

If you aren’t conversant in the varied sorts of WordPress hosting options (VPS, Managed WordPress Hosting, dedicated hosting, etc.), you ought to inspect my guide to understanding WordPress hosting packages.

This post is written with WordPress-specific Hosting and servers in mind. Because WordPress has evolved into one of the foremost downloaded self-hosted blogging platforms available, it requires powerful servers. Moreover, without a strong WordPress caching mechanism, you won’t be ready to run a WordPress blog smoothly.
For this reason, you ought to definitely install either the WP Rocket or Super cache plugin. Both work right out of the box (from installation).

How To Choose the Best WordPress Hosting in 2020:

I have set some basic ground rules in terms of software, cPanel, security, WordPress optimization, PHP version, MySQL version then on. However, before I share my list of the highest WordPress hosts, let’s check out the official requirements needed to run WordPress software smoothly in any hosting environment.

One major factor to consider is technical support. WordPress may be a memory-hungry site, and it requires a database and PHP. Common errors like the “500 Internal Error“, a blank homepage, or all posts being deleted are a number of the problems which you’ll face with poor hosting service.

Here is a rundown:
Value for money: A lot of hosting offers similar features but charges 2X-3X for no reason. The features like free domain, Support, free SSL, CDN, and a couple of others were influencing factors.
Speed: 2020 is all about the necessity for speed. If the hosting environment isn’t optimized for WordPress, expecting a blazing fast WordPress website isn’t idle.

Best WordPress Hosting in 2022

Uptime: The uptime of hosting compared with industry standard has been another big factor. Anything which is below industry standard has been discarded. As a user of below mentioned hosting companies, I even have monitored them for uptime to make sure they fit be a part of Gurujistudy’s best WordPress hosting guide.

Response time: The hosting provider should have a very fast reaction time. Anything below 200ms is good. I have shared the response time of various hosting providers. The reaction time should also stay high under the strain test. This is where I even have removed many shared hosting provider like Greengeeks, HostGator that did not perform within the assay.

For instance, is it enough for you to host a medium server site or do you require a high traffic site? Do they have a limit in terms of bandwidth, and can they handle occasional or frequent traffic spikes?
Next, server geographical location is extremely important for 2 reasons: Speed and Latency. Server location features a positive correlation with load time for your idle customers and visitors.

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8 Best WordPress Hosting in 2022

8 Best WordPress Hosting in 2022 Top WordPress Hosting Comparison

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