THE BEST WAY FOR STUDENTS TO CONVERT PDF NOTES INTO HANDWRITTEN NOTES:- Most students nowadays prefer to create class notes, assignments, and documents digitally, and then save them in PDF form. Because PDF retains the quality of text as it is. However, sometimes the teacher/instructor may ask students to submit PDF notes in a handwritten format.

In this case, instead of writing notes by hand, students will start looking for ways through which they can quickly convert their already saved PDF notes into handwritten ones without devoting time and effort.

Today, in this article, I am going to discuss the best way through which students can convert PDF notes into handwritten notes within seconds.

Only Best Way to Convert PDF Notes into Handwritten Styles Notes

When it comes to the best way, there is only one which is utilizing text-to-handwriting converters. These are online tools that give the ability to convert digitally written text, documents, PDFs, etc. into human writing style.

However, students need to follow the right steps to efficiently perform the conversion (PDF to handwritten) process with these tools. Below, I have discussed a step-by-step procedure that students need to follow.

1.  Go For An Appropriate Converter:

The conversion process of PDF notes into handwritten ones will be performed by a text-to-handwriting converter. So, you have to go for an appropriate tool. The more appropriate or effective the tool will be, the more effectively the job will be done.

There are several text-to-hand writing converters available online, but this availability makes it difficult for the students to determine which is the appropriate one. To help them, below I have discussed some factors that students have to take into consideration before selecting a text-to-handwriting converter.

  • Supports multiple file upload/input options: They should look for a converter that gives the option to upload files in different formats like PDF, Word document, Txt, etc. This is an essential factor to consider because students have saved notes in PDF format.
  • Provide different handwriting writing options: Opt for a tool that provides students with different handwriting options to choose from. This will allow them to choose a style that is similar or too close to their natural handwriting.
  • Different pen colors and page sizes: Apart from multiple handwriting writing styles, students should make sure the converter they are going with offers different pen colors and page sizes. Because the teacher may ask them to write handwritten notes in specific ink colors and page sizes.

There is a strong chance that you (the student) will end up picking the right converter by considering these factors:

2.  Select The Necessary Option:

Once you have picked the right text to handwriting converter, students then have to select the necessary options before starting the conversion process. For this, they have to have the required handwriting style that is relevant or close to their original writing.

Besides this, they should also select:

  • Required page size
  • Pen/ink color
  • Heading writing sizes.

Students only have to select the above-listed options when the teacher/instructor specifically asks them to come up with handwritten notes in a certain ink color and page size.

3.  Upload The PDF File

After selecting the necessary options, students then have to upload the PDF file of digital notes. This can be done by clicking on the “Upload” button. After uploading, their notes will be displayed in the input box of the tool.

And the best thing is there is no need for students to hit/press a certain button to kick off the conversion after uploading, instead, the tool will provide output results in real time.

Note: Not all text-to-handwriting converters on the internet provide this option.

To demonstrate this, I have uploaded a PDF file of “Biology notes” to a text-to-handwriting converter (that I selected by considering the above factors). Take a look at the picture to see how the tool has converted the given notes into handwritten styles.

As the above picture tells, the tool has converted the uploaded biology notes into handwriting in real-time.

4.  Download The Output Results:

In the end, students just have to download the converted notes. Most text-to-handwriting converters available on the internet provide multiple download options. For example, students can either download the results in the form of image files or PDF files.

However, it is recommended for students to download output results in PDF results. This is so because PDFs do not diminish the overall quality of the converted notes, allowing students to print off the notes in a high-resolution manner.

Final Words:

The best way for students to convert PDF notes into handwritten ones is by utilizing online text-to-handwriting converters. In this blog post, I have explained a step-by-step procedure that students need to follow to efficiently perform the conversion process using these tools.

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